Accounting and Taxation

Specialty: Accounting and Taxation

Educational Program: Accounting and Taxation  

It’s commonly accepted fact that without accounting business would be uncontrolled. Studying the Accounting and Taxation at our department, you would be able to understand the specifics of economic information, which might be used during enterprise management, will master the profession of an accountant, analyst and auditor. You’ll learn how to combine the knowledge of a financier and economist, analyst and inspector, manager and research scientist.

Prosperity of enterprise depends on accounting, management and taxation, external and internal auditing, which make the specialties of accountant, taxman and auditor so important in modern economic society.

Employment possibilities include: head accountant, financial experts, authority offices, heads of the department at enterprise and commissions.

Training program in specialty will learn how to adapt to modern economic environment, self-develop and expend professional competencies, and be hired for well-paid jobs.

The training directions include: management and administration accounting; independent accounting practice; state accounting; bank accounting.

Graduating from our university you’ll be able to work at:

  • enterprises of different property
  • joint-stock companies
  • joint ventures
  • concerns
  • insurance companies
  • banks
  • trade enterprises
  • in control-audit services
  • domestic and international audit firms
  • in scientific-experimental and higher education institutions

and hold the positions of:

  • head accountant
  • financial director
  • accountant,
  • accountant-auditor
  • Head of Audit Firm,
  • auditor
  • accountant-expert
  • researcher
  • lecturer of accounting disciplines.

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