Requirements for articles

Co-founders of the journal

Mukachevo State University (Ukraine)

Jan Długosz Academy in Częstochowa (Poland)

International scientific journal


Issued twice a year (April, December)

The results of scientific research are published in the following areas:

 Natural and technical sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences

 Economic sciences


Page – A4, book

Font – Times New Roman

Font size – 14 pitch

Interval – 1.5 cm

Indentation – 1.25 mm

Alignment – in width

Document fields – 20 mm

Languages: Ukrainian, English, German, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian.

The volume of the article, along with its references, tables, diagrams, annotations, etc. should be at least 5 pages and not to exceed 12 pages. Words are printed without hyphenation. All non-text objects are to be built-in by Microsoft Word (objects must be grouped). Formulas are made using Equation Editor. Illustrations are allowed to be placed in the text of the article, filed as TIFF, JPG, PCX (with a resolution of at least 300 dpi) or on separate pages. Recommended font for objects that contain text and tables is Times New Roman 10 pitch.


Each article is assigned DOI.


The text of article must be constructed according to the generally accepted scheme:

  • UDC (УДК) index in the upper left corner of a page;
  • surname, name, patronymic of the author (s) (full name), place of work (study), scientific degree, academic rank, position in two languages (Ukrainian, English);
  • the title of the article in capital letters, centered in Ukrainian (or article language) and English.
  • The title of an article is presented without the use of highly specialized abbreviations. No full stop mark at the end of title.
  • Annotation in the language of the article and in Ukrainian up to 50 words
  • Summary in English (100-250 words). It must contain clearly identified objectives, methods, research findings and conclusions.
  • If the publication is in English, then summary in Ukrainian is given.

(If there is a problem with the authenticity of the translation, the editorial board provides assistance).

  • Keywords (3-10 words) in Ukrainian (or language of the article) and in English (Times New Roman 12 pitch, italics). Keywords should not repeat the title of the article.


The structure of the article should include the following components:

  1. Formulation of the problem: relevance, analysis of recent researches, objectives.
  2. Research results.
  3. Conclusions and perspectives of further research.
  4. References.

These elements are mandatory, but may be highlighted in the text of an article optionally, they are the main criteria for its evaluation.


The list of sources used should consist of two parts: literature and references.


Literature (Times New Roman 12 pitch, bold, centered), up to 10 sources. The cited references should be numbered in accordance with the order of reference to them in the text. The reference to the source is given in square brackets, for example: [4]. or [4, p. 203]. The list of references is given at the end of the article in accordance with the order of referring to the text in the language of the original and in accordance with State Standard 7: 2006.

References (Times New Roman 12 pitch, bold, centered), up to 10 sources. References in English must be issued according to the international bibliographic standards HARVARD REFERENCING STYLE  for the humanities and social sciences; CHICAGO STYLE: AUTHOR-DATE for physical and natural sciences. If the scientific work is written in a language using the Cyrillic alphabet, then its bibliographic description must be transliterated in Latin letters. After the title of the work the Latin letters indicate its translation into English in brackets.


Terms of payment


Articles up to 5 pages

200 UAH
Each subsequent page +15 UAH
Certificate confirming publication of article in the journal (electronic, PDF version) 70 UAH
Certificate confirming publication of article in the journal (printed) 100 UAH
Printed copy of the journal 120 UAH


The authors are responsible for the accuracy of terms, surnames, data, citations, statistical materials, and etc. in the article. The editorial staff reserves the right to make editorial correction of the text.

Send an article

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with an attached file of an article and an APPLICATION FORM of the author.