“International scientific journal “EDUCATION AND SCIENCE” is a scientific journal, which is published in the open access and highlights topical issues of science development in general. The mission of the scientific journal is to create an open ground for the exchange of scientific information, results of fundamental and applied research of experts of academic and expert-analytical profile, working in interdisciplinary interaction. “International scientific journal “EDUCATION AND SCIENCE” accepts scientific papers unpublished before and not presented to publication in any other publications and covers the original research results on:

– Natural and Technical Sciences;

– Humanities and Social Sciences;

– Economic Sciences.

The materials written in one of the following languages: Ukrainian, English, German, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian are admitted for publication. Taking into account the importance of globalization processes of the world science development, we support and welcome articles from different neighbouring and farther countries. Main selection criteria are originality, innovation, significance of results in the field of pedagogy and psychology, fundamental theoretical analysis of psychological and pedagogical problems, literacy, compliance with editorial requirements.

Our journal

is aimed at the development of active and effective communications of scientific and professional community; creation of a platform for open discussion and free expression of thoughts that contribute to improvement of the quality of scientific works;

contributes to the convergence of science and practice, searching for opportunities to apply the results of scientific research in solving educational problems;

aimed at familiarizing the audience with advanced foreign theories and developments in the field of educational technologies and personal development, enriching the scientific community with operational professional information;

strives for the development of international cooperation, advancement and spreading of Ukrainian authors` achievements in the international professional community.

Principles of professional ethics of the Editorial Board of

“International scientific journal “EDUCATION AND SCIENCE”

The Editorial Board of the scientific journal “International scientific journal “EDUCATION AND SCIENCE” is responsible for publication of author`s developments, which requires the need to adhere the following fundamental principles:

By accepting articles for publication, the Editorial Board of the scientific journal is guided by the reliability of the data and the scientific significance of the submitted papers;

The Editorial Board evaluates the intellectual content of scientific papers regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious preferences, origin, citizenship, social status or political preferences of authors;

Unpublished information obtained from articles submitted for consideration should not be used for personal purposes or transferred to third parties without the written consent of the author. Information or ideas received during editing and related to possible benefits should be kept confidential and not used for personal benefit;

The Editorial Board does not allow the publication of information if there is sufficient reason to believe that it is plagiarism;

The Editorial Board does not neglect the claims concerning materials under consideration or published materials, as well as in case of finding a conflict situation, it undertakes to take all necessary measures for the restoration of violated rights.

Reviewer`s Ethical Principles

The reviewer carries out scientific examination of the author’s materials, and due to it his/her actions should be impartial and conveyed in compliance with the following principles:

The materials received for review must be regarded as a confidential document that must not be transferred to review or discussion by third parties who do not have the authority of editorial office;

The reviewer is obliged to give an objective and reasoned assessment. Personal criticism is not acceptable;

Unpublished information obtained from the materials submitted for consideration must not be used by a reviewer for personal purposes;

The reviewer who does not have, in his opinion, sufficient qualifications for evaluation of scientific paper(s), or may not be objective, must inform the editor and request to exclude him/her from the process of reviewing an article.

Author`s Ethical Principles

The author (or group of authors) is aware that he is responsible for the novelty and reliability of the results of scientific research, which implies observance of the following principles:

The author(s) of article must provide reliable results of the research. Falsified statements are unacceptable;

The authors must ensure that provided research results are completely original. The borrowed fragments or statements should be made with obligatory indication of the author and the original source. Excessive borrowing, as well as plagiarism in all forms, including undefined quotes, paraphrasing, or assumption of rights to the results of others’ research, are unethical and unacceptable;

It is necessary to acknowledge the contribution of all persons that have influenced the study/research in any way, in particular, the references used in the course of the research should be presented in the article;

The author(s) must not submit to the journal article that has been sent to another journal and is under consideration, as well as article that has already been published in other publications (Internet publications are also taken into account);

All the persons who have made a significant contribution to the research must be mentioned as co-authors of an article. It is unacceptable to indicate among co-authors persons who did not participate in the research;

If the author reveals significant errors or inaccuracies in the article at the stage of its consideration or after its publication, he should immediately inform the editor of the journal.

The Editorial Board is not responsible for the opinion, judgments, results and conclusions made by the authors of scientific papers and published in the Scientific Journal. They do not necessarily coincide with the point of view of the Editorial Board. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information, names, surnames and quotations provided in articles.

If you have any questions, please contact the Editorial Office via email movchan1210@ukr.net