Pre-school education


Educational program: pre-school teacher.

Educational Degree: Bachelor/Master

Department of Theory and Methodology of Pre-school Education of Mukachevo State

University carries out training of specialists in the preparation field 6010101 “Pre-school education”

Educational goals: the formation and development of a skilled teacher who is able to implement modern educational approached to study process, make up dialogue with children to realise effective pre-school training.

Educational process is accomplished in accordance with the requirements of the Laws of Ukraine “On Education”, “On Higher Education “, the National Doctrine of Education Development in Ukraine, state standards of higher education, the Law about pre-school education and the basic component of preschool education, Pedagogical Concepts in education, the main regulative standards of European integration in education.

Educational training is delivered by experienced scientific pedagogical staff, who are supervisors to professional and scientific development of students.

Apart from theory, students have possibility to practice their pedagogical skills, in particular:

“Educational practice (in Natural Science)”, “Pedagogical practice (in early age groups)”, “Pedagogical practice (in pre-school groups)”, “Pedagogical practice (summer)”, “Pedagogical Practice (psychological and pedagogical)”, “Pedagogical practice (methodical organization)” “Pre-diploma practice”.

University students have opportunity to carry out scientific researches and present them at conferences, seminars, Academic Olympics.

Graduates of the higher educational institution of the specialty “Pre-school education” can be employed as:

  • educators to preschool age children in pre-school educational institutions
  • instructors of physical training to pre-school children.

The graduates in specialty have the possibility to apply for Double Diploma Program, which functions under international treaties of Mukachevo State University with higher educational institutions of Poland, and enables practicing and studying abroad.


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