Finance, Banking and Insurance

Specialty: Finance, Banking and Insurance

Educational Program: Finance and Credit

Specialists’ training is carried out by the Department of Finance.

Educational program aims at preparing the specialists of:  financial intermediation, insurance, banking, management and supervision in the field of taxation, organization of financial activity at enterprises  and institutions of various forms of ownership and administration, financial leasing, management of financial markets, real estate transactions, public administration.

Educational training in specialty “Finance, Banking and Insurance” gives a complex knowledge on state and municipal finances, banking and insurance business, money circulation, financial management, security market, taxes and taxation, business expertise.

Training program includes study of:  processes of formation and distribution of budgets at different levels; functioning of extrabudgetary funds; planning, accounting and reporting at enterprises, organizations, institutions; peculiarities of the financial organization at enterprises of different ownership; methods of managing cash flows of enterprises; financial and investment activity of economic entities; bank and insurance business.

The list of disciplines includes: Budgetary Management, State Financial Control, Financial Resources of Small Business, Investment Analysis, Crediting and Control, Methodology of Financial research, International Crediting,  International Finances, Regional Finance, Taxation etc.

Our graduates can hold the positions of:

  • assistant to financial director
  • head of financial department
  • economist-financier
  • head of small enterprise
  • expert of fiscal service
  • real estate chattel expert
  • expert of state and private funds
  • university lecturer by specialty

Contact info:

Phone: (03131) 2-11-09

e-mail: k_f

Address: Mukachevo, 26 Uzhorodska st.