Specialty: Geosciences 

Educational Program: Geography

Educational Degree: Bachelor

The educational program by specialty aims at training basic skills of complex geographical and geological field, teaching expertise of natural environment and resources in order to choose the locations for economic households. Our graduates will become highly qualified professionals of regional economy, able to evaluate manufacturing location, subjects of social and ecological spheres, natural environment etc.

Students have opportunity to study the disciplines by specialty: Tourism Geography, Ecology, Biogeography, Geosciences,  Meteorology and Climatology, Landscape Study, Recreational Geography, Geographic Information Systems, Pedagogy, Psychology, Geographical Modeling,  Sustainable Development Geography, Geographical Study and Tourism.

Specialists-geographers can work as:

  • geographers-economists;
  • specialists in urban and district planning;
  • ethnographers;
  • tourism specialist;
  • specialists in the field of tourism;
  • national parks and forestry specialists;
  • organizers of extracurricular and out-of-school work;
  • teachers of vocational and higher educational institutions;
  • researchers in geography field;
  • specialists of manufacturing location and natural resources management;
  • topographers;
  • soil experts;
  • cartographers;
  • experts of enterprise, banks and offices placement;
  • geomarketing / logistics / environmental management specialists.

Contact info:

Phone: (03131) 3-13-42

Address: Mukachevo, 26 Uzhhorodska st.