Specialty: Marketing

Educational Program: Marketing

Marketing Specialist is a professional who is in high demand at every commercial unit. Economy market goes under numerous changes at present, and successful companies must constantly improve their marketing schemes and brand images. Practical skills of marketing specialist can solve many obstacles that a firm may come across at internal and external market.

Marketing is a bulk of modern business, taught through different approaches: scientific discipline, practical activity, system management, creative mindset, behavior style, functions realized by the economy entities.

Marketing sphere is characterized by changeability, which is time-oriented, focus group-centered and location-limited.

Mukachevo State University is the only accredited higher educational institution of Transcarpatia that trains specialists in Marketing.

Marketing profession is considered to be the most prestigious and with good prospects: high salary, creative approach, comfortable work conditions, consumer feedback, carrier challenges and possibility of one’s own business.

Professional training and practice will become formula for success. Marketing specialists will be able to work as:

  • marketing specialist
  • advertiser
  • mass-media expert
  • analyst
  • image expert
  • public communication specialist
  • purchase expert
  • consumer behavior specialist
  • goods advisor
  • methodologist of professional education
  • market consultant
  • service consultant

Contact info:

Phone: (03131) 2-11-09


Address: Mukachevo, 26 Uzhorodska st.