Professional Education. Economy.

Specialty: Professional Education. Economy.

Educational Degree: Bachelor

Specialists’ training is carried out by the Department of Accounting and Taxation.

Changes in infrastructure of state economy require specialists with organic combination of psychological and pedagogical skills, along with the profound knowledge of enterprise economy, marketing and management, accounting and taxation.

Graduates of specialty “Professional Education. Economy.” receive a cross-disciplinary training, that will allow them to work in both economic and professional pedagogy field:  socio-related educational activity, training of personnel, qualification upgrade courses; can realize their pedagogical abilities at vocational institutions of economic education or teaching in economic disciplines is provided, postgraduate vocational institutions; in business education, assist in educational projects, advisory work (coaching), etc.; work with small and medium businesses, insurance offices, banking and financial services, management and state regulation of economic processes; hold the positions of department heads, chairs, all-levels managers etc.

The organized list of university disciplines is aimed at training the professionals of new era able to solve professional tasks: Philosophy, Logic, Legal fundamentals of education, Political Science, Sociology, Ukrainian language by profession, History of Ukraine, Foreign language for Specific Purposes, Economic Theory, Jurisprudence, Religious Study, Economy of Enterprise etc.

Apart from scientific work, which is actively supported by university and department staff, there are great employment benefits for graduates under the conditions of different national economies:

  • teacher at educational institution of I-II accreditation levels, curator, educator, tutor, educator in vocational schools, instructor to company training, instructor of production training for employees, expert of professional training centers, teacher-trainee, technologist-mentor, Head of Production Practice, Head of Educational Laboratory, Project Designer, Economist.


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