The word of the rector

Dear friends! Dear students! Dear colleagues!

 Mukachevo State University – a multi-disciplinary educational institution, a leading center of culture, science, education in the region. The basis of the modern concept of university development is the training of highly skilled professionals able to work in a market economy and transition to an innovative way of development.

Our university is a large and friendly family, with great scientific and cultural traditions, with its history, whose graduates have made significant progress in their specialty. The main activity of the university is to build effective relationships in the “student – teacher” system, which can ensure the transformation of the potential capabilities of each of them in creative abilities.

Young people who aspire to become students of our university, we offer a wide range of directions (specialties) of training at all educational levels: junior specialist, bachelor, master. The importance and relevance of the specialties in which the studies are conducted at the university confirms that the graduates are employed, and work on the received specialty.

The scientific-pedagogical team works in conditions of rapid educational and informational changes, advanced methods of teaching are being implemented in the university, the experience of domestic and foreign scientists is used. The educational environment of the university promotes constant self-improvement and self-development of students. The university provides young people with the opportunity to test their knowledge in practice. In recent years, the university has been actively developing the international educational space.

The life of our students is diverse and exciting. Young people have the opportunity to show their talents not only in learning, but also on stage in different creative groups, in sports sections and in community work. We have an active and initiative student. With great pleasure, students arrange and take part in various holidays and university events.

Our graduates are our pride. Many of them are a creative and intellectually cohort of the elite of the region. Their professional competence is a guarantee of the establishment of Transcarpathia in the economic, social, cultural and educational space.

I wish entrants the right choice of a profession, students of successful training, and colleagues – creative work, scientific and professional achievements.

Sincerely                                                   Tatiana Scherban