Name Department of Tourism and  Recreation
Head of the department Mashika Hanna Vasylivna
Address  Mukachevo, Uzhhorodska Street 26
Telephone  (03131) 2-11-09


The Department of Tourism and Recreation acts as an educational structural unit of the Mukachevo State University. The Department of Tourism was created by the order of Mukacheve Technological Institute No. 100-k of June 18, 2005. According to the order No. 109-k of June 26, 2006, the Department of Tourism was renamed the Department of Tourism and Hotel Business due to the changes in the organizational structure of the Institute. The Department of Tourism and Recreation was created by order of the Mukachevo State University No. 141-k of July 01, 2011, as a result of the division of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Business into two graduation departments: the Department of Tourism and Recreation and the Department of Hotel and Catering Industry. The graduation department of Tourism and Recreation is a part of the faculty of Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industry. The training of future tourism specialists is carried out according to the educational degrees: bachelor, master.

In the framework of practical training, students systematically conduct study tours, excursions, tourist holidays, which allow to deepen the study of professional disciplines. During the study tours, a significant thematic material has been collected and summarized: a presentation material has been developed: “The best rural farms of Transcarpathia”, “Ecological tourism of Transcarpathia”, photo tourists “Wooden churches of Transcarpathia”, “Ethnotourism of Transcarpathia”, “Sanatorium and resort complexes of Transcarpathia” “Mukacheve Palanok Castle”, “Mukachevo”.

The Department of Tourism and Recreation maintains links with the Niredhaza State University (Hungary), the Academy of Physical Education and Sports of Hdansk (Poland), the Mateia Bela University of Banska Bystrytsa (Slovakia) on the development of cross-border tourism and active tourism. On the basis of an agreement between the Transcarpathian Regional Council and the Oberfranken County Council (Bayern, Germany), there are links in the cultural field of university teachers and students with higher education institutions in the district.

New approaches and methods of teaching at the Department of Tourism and Recreation include: the possibility of widespread use of information and communication technology training, the introduction of flexibility in the system of training specialists through the widespread use of knowledge while undergoing training and production practice, mastering modern training technologies in accordance with the qualification requirements of industry workers, increasing the level of adaptation to the new requirements of the labor market. Practicing the involvement of students to work in training laboratories, where knowledge is realized in an integrated-synthetic form.


Scientific researches instructorss of the Department of Tourism and Recreation conduct within the framework of the complex research theme: “Territorial organization of the sphere of tourism and recreation of the region” (state registration number 0116 U 004997, project coordinator – Ph.D., associate professor Mashika G.V. )

The purpose of scientific research of the department within the mentioned topics is the monitoring of the territorial organization of the tourist and recreational area of the region; conducting complex social and geographical research of the recreational economy of the Transcarpathian region; assessment of the recreational potential of the administrative districts of the region and the identification of different types of territorial units in terms of its provision; improvement of the methodology of social and geographical research of the territorial and recreational economy of the territory of the  region, first of all using the theory of graphs for modeling the territorial structure and SWOT-analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of development; typization of the districts of the Transcarpathian region by the size of the recreational potential and level of its use, the structure of recreational activity; substantiation of the main directions of development of recreation in the Transcarpathian region on the basis of optimal use of recreational potential.

In the years 2015-2016, the instructors of the department conducted a scientific research within the framework of the project of applied research at the expense of the state budget “Social and economic studies of the region tendencies (Transcarpathian region)” (state registration number 0115 U 000729, head of the topic – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. Papp V.V.). Within the framework of the project, the organizational and economic mechanism of the formation and development of tourism in the region has been investigated, the social and economic aspects of the region’s economic development have been analyzed: the form of territorial administration, the economic efficiency of natural resource support, the formation of a resettlement system, labor resource potential and the regional labor market, inter-sectoral complexes, and the social and economic infrastructure of the territory.

The field of scientific interests of the instructorss of the Department of Tourism and Recreation covers such researches: methods of cluster analysis and its adaptation in the tourism and hotel and restaurant sector; concepts and programs of development of the functional and territorial structure of the recreational and tourist complex; development and design of new tourist routes; substantiation of the system of rational recreational nature management, recreational monitoring and evaluation of the ecological and recreational situation; transport needs of the tourism and recreation industry, its staffing; coordination of development of health, sports, cognitive, extreme, ecological and other types of tourism.

Over the past five years, the teachers of the Department of Tourism have taken part in more than 60 Ukrainian and International scientific and practical conferences held in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Chernivtsi, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytskyi, Kharkiv, Poltava, Ternopil,  Kirovohrad, Ivano-Frankivsk and other Ukrainian citiesта, and also in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria.

Repeatedly the Department of Tourism and Recreation initiated the holding of Ukrainian and international scientific and practical conferences and round tables. Thus, in May 2015 the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Investment and Innovations of the Development of the National Economy in Market Conditions” was held at the Department. The conference was attended by scientists from leading universities, research institutions and educational institutions of Ukraine (Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Vinnytsia, Sumy, Luhansk, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, Odesa, Cherkasy, Uzhhorod, Mykolaiv, Mukachevo, Berehovo), and also Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria. Scientific researches of the lecturers of the department were found in the monographs “Marketing support of social and economic development of small cities”, “Substantiation and forecasting of target indicators of priority directions of economic development of the region”, “Spatial organization of tourist and recreational sphere of the region”, scientific articles published as in Ukraine and abroad.

An integral part and guarantee of the quality of the training of highly skilled specialists is the organization of research work of students, which attracts the best students. The departments have formed problem scientific groups, scientific circles and studios on research of certain aspects of specialized scientific issues, in which regular scientific seminars, thematic meetings and round tables are held, reports of the best students are heard on the topical issues of the development of the tourism industry of the region, students are trained to participate in Ukrainian scientific conferences and olympiads.

The students of the faculty repeatedly participated in Ukrainian contests of student research works “Tourist Ukraine – the picturesque land” (Kyiv) and the competition of scientific student’s works (Lviv), olympiads, scientific conferences. The results of scientific research of students led by teachers are presented atUkrainian and international scientific and practical conferences.


Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty
24 Service Industry 242 Tourism
1401 Service Industry 6.140103 Tourism
10 Natural Sciences 103 Sciences on Earth ( Geography) / 106 Geography
Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty
24 Service Industry 242 Tourism


  1. Analysis of the activities of tourism enterprises
  2. Biogeography
  3. Work experience internship.
  4. Work experience (organizational) internship
  5. Work experience(technological) internship
  6. Introduction to specialty
  7. Geography of the PRP of Ukraine
  8. Geography of tourism (Geography of tourism)
  9. Geography of tourism (Tourist region studies)
  10. Geology general and historical
  11. Geomorphology and paleography
  12. Soil science with the fundamentals of soil geography
  13. Activity of a tourist amateur organization
  14. General hydrology and fundamentals of oceanography
  15. Ecology
  16. Excursiology
  17. General earth science
  18. Innovative technologies in tourism
  19. Tourism infrastructure
  20. Cartography
  21. Constructive geography
  22. Resort therapy
  23. Management (Management in Tourism, Communicative Management)
  24. International tourism
  25. Museum affairs and the protection of monuments
  26. Educational practice “Introduction to the specialty”
  27. Scientific and pedagogical practice
  28. Organization of entrepreneurship in tourism
  29. Organization of recreational services
  30. Organization of transport services
  31. Organization of tourism (Organization of animation activities)
  32. Tourism organization (Organization of excursion activities)
  33. Organization of Tourism (Fundamentals of Tourism Studies)
  34. Tourism organization (Organization of tourist trips)
  35. Organization of tourism (Touring)
  36. Fundamentals of ecology
  37. Fundamentals of Museology and the Protection of Monuments
  38. Pre-diploma practice
  39. Field practice
  40. Regional economic and social geography
  41. Regional studies
  42. Recreational geography
  43. Recreation systems and technologies in tourism
  44. Recreology
  45. Recreational complexes of the world
  46. Rural green tourism
  47. Specialized tourism
  48. Resort development strategy
  49. Tourism in protected areas
  50. Tourismology
  51.  Tourist cartography
  52.  Tourist regional studies
  53. Tourist policy
  54.  Tourist resources of Ukraine
  55.  Project management in tourism
  56. Management of the quality of tourist services
  57. Management of sustainable tourism development


Surname,name, patronymic Degree/title/position
Mashika Hanna Vasylivna Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Tourism and Recreation, Head of the Department
Papp Vasyl Vasylovych Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Vice-rector of scientific and pedagogical work
Pysarenko Svitlana Markivna Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor (works part-time)
Luzhanska Tetiana Yuriivna Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Department of Tourism and Recreation, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industry
Smochko Nataliia Mykhailivna Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of theDepartment of Tourism and Recreation, Academic Secretary
Maslyhan Olena Oleksandrivna Candidate of Economic Sciences ,Senior Lecturer
Kampov Nadia Semenivna Senior Lecturer
Kasynets Otokar Viktorovych Senior Lecturer
Makhlynets Serhii Stepanovych Senior Lecturer
Medvid Larysa Ivanivna Senior Lecturer
Piatka Nataliia Stepanivna Senior lecturer, head of employment and practical training department
Tokar Yaryna Illivna Candidate of Economic Sciences, instructor
Tsupanych Oksana Ivanivna Leading specialist

Specialty: Tourism

Educational Program: Tourism

Educational Degree: Bachelor/Master 

Among the main priorities of the training program we have identified: preparation of highly skilled staff able to meet the criteria of labour market,  demonstrating cross-cultural competence and foreign language command.

Aimed at adequate educational training, the department staff delivers disciplines by specialty, which help to form a tourism sphere professional: Recreational Complexes of the World, Tourism Organization (Fundamentals of Tourism Study), Organization of Tourism (Travelling), Organization of Tourism (Sightseeing), Tourism Organization (Touring), Tourism Marketing, Communicative Management, General Geosciences, Transportation Facilities, Regional Ethnography etc.

Employment possibilities for our graduates:

  • tourism specialist;
  • interpreter;
  • tour guide;
  • specialist of leisure activities;
  • specialist of rural tourism development;
  • conference facilities specialist
  • specialist for specific servicing;
  • instructor for health recreation service;
  • tourism safety specialist;
  • tourism instructor;
  • tourism inspector;
  • tourism expert.

Contact info:

Phone: (03131) 3-13-42

Address: Mukachevo, 26 Uzhhorodska st.