Оголошення для членів вченої ради

Попередньо встановлено дату проведення чергового засідання вченої ради – 19 березня 2019 року. Прохання – при наяваності питань для винесення на розгляд та затвердження на вченій раді, подати вченому секретарю відповідні матеріали. Термін подачі – до 14 березня (включно). P.S. Точну дату проведення засідання буде повідомлено членам вченої ради наприкінці поточного тижня. З повагою, вчений секретар.

Update of the contract between the State Higher School of Technology and Economics by Bronislaw Markiewich in Jaroslaw and Mukachevo State University

October 19th, 2018 the Bronislaw Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jaroslaw, represented by Rector, Professor Krzysztof Rejman and the Mukachevo State University with the Rector, Professor Tetiana Dmytrivna Shcherban has updated the bilateral agreement about scientific, educational and cultural cooperation.

To the attention of Master degree entrants!

According to the recommendation letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №1 / 9-85 dated 09.02.2018 “On the content and program requirements for entrance examination in Foreign Language”, we inform that during 2018 Foreign Language examination for entrants in specialties 053 “Psychology”, 241 “Hotel and Restaurant business” and 242 “Tourism” the aspects of…

To the attention of university entrants to specialty 014.13 Secondary education (Music Art)!

In accordance with the 2018 Admission Terms to Mukachevo State University, the Bachelor Degree entrants will be asked to pass the obligatory creative project as the admission to entrance competition for the first academic year by specialty 014.13 Secondary Education (Music Art). Creative project is aimed at assessing the creative abilities of the applicant. It may be prepared…

With diplomas

197 graduates received their Master degree diplomas in  specialties: Practical Psychology, Accounting and Auditing, Primary Education, Tourism, Preschool Education, Finance and Credit, Hotel and Restaurant Business, Footwear Design and Haberdashery, Marketing, Music art, Design and Technology of Garments, Organizational Management and Administration. 108 students (by short program)received Bachelor degrees in specialties: Primary education, Preschool education, Music…