Department of International Relations and Work with Foreign Students

Name Department of International Relations and Work with Foreign Students
Head of Department Yaroslava Yuriivna Demian.
Address 89600, town Mukachevo, Uzhgorodska Str., 26
Phone +38 03131 2 11 09

The Department of International Relations and Work with Foreign Students of Mukachevo State University is the information and analytical center focused on analytical activities, that determines the development, expansion and strengthening of international relations. At the same time, it is the coordinating structural department of the entire university, created for the development and implementation of the strategy of international activities, expansion and deepening of international relations, promotion of international cooperation in the field of education and science.

International cooperation is one of the important areas of activity of Mukachevo State University.

Coordination of the University’s activities in the field of international co-operation is assigned to the Department of International relations and work with foreign students, which is directly subordinated to the first vice-rector, Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Volodymyr Vasyliovych Hoblyk.

The main objective of the department of international relations and work with foreign students is to promote the development of international relations and cooperation of the University in the context of integration into the world and European educational environment, implementation of the provisions.

The priority of the department is to implement the strategy of international activities of the University. The department’s work is focused on the development, expansion and strengthening of the international relations and authority of the university in the world educational and scientific community.

The department carries out the function of establishing international relations with foreign partners (universities), international organizations, associations; carries out coordination and advisory functions, is responsible for the organization and control of international programs and academic mobility of the University.

The main tasks of the department are:

  • Development of the international activity strategy of the University, its integration into the world educational and scientific system. Organization of international activities of the University, development of methods for its implementation, preparation of agreements (programs) and other documents on the implementation of the University’s tasks in the field of international relations.
  • Search for international grants, projects, competitions (including joint ones with universities and institutions of other countries).
  • Coordination of the activities of the University units in the development and implementation of international agreements, programs, projects and contracts.
  • Organization of the fulfillment of obligations arising from international agreements of Ukraine and agreements, contracts of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with respect to the University.
  • Establishment of contacts with foreign educational and research institutions, agencies, associations, as well as their representations in Ukraine.
  • Organization and support of international projects on scientific and educational activities, cultural and educational programs, participation in international educational and scientific programs.
  • Creation of joint organizations with foreign partners, centers, laboratories, technoparks, joint scientific research, joint publishing activities and the like.
  • Organization of international conferences, symposia, congresses, seminars.
  • Organization and coordination of programs of international academic mobility of participants in the educational process of the University.
  • Support of relations with foreign partners in the field of joint exchange programs and internship programs for teachers and students of the University.
  • Setting up and conducting contacts with international organizations and agencies, embassies of foreign states in Ukraine and embassies of Ukraine abroad, cooperation with donor organizations.
  • Registration, recording, documenting and direct organization of visits of foreign delegations, specialists, teachers and students arriving to the University for the purpose of training and the like.
  • Providing, together with other university departments, services related to the training of foreigners and stateless persons in accredited areas, specialties and training of foreigners and stateless persons for admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine, as well as training of scientific personnel for foreign countries.
  • Admission of documents, enrollment procedures and organization of training for foreigners and stateless persons in preparatory courses.
  • Coordination of issues related to the training of foreigners and stateless persons in faculties.
  • Dissemination of information about the training program and conditions of admission to the University abroad, monitoring of existing and prospective programs of academic exchanges.
  • Providing foreigners and stateless persons with organizational and legal support in the process of nostrification of foreign documents on higher education, if such are submitted by them upon accession to the University.
  • Registration of student tickets, test books, certificates of completion of preparatory courses and diplomas for foreign graduates on the basis of documents provided by the deans of faculties.
  • Record keeping of applications – foreigners and stateless persons, forming their personal files.
  • Familiarization of foreigners and stateless persons with rules of stay on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Conducting the workflow of the department.
  • Translation of correspondence and current documents into foreign languages within the competence of the department.
  • To carry out protocol and organizational support for activities related to international cooperation of the Mukachevo State University.
  • Preparing draft orders for university staff abroad.
  • Conducting logs of business trips of university employees abroad, admission of foreigners at the university.
  • Ensuring the compilation and presentation of the necessary statistical and other reporting on international cooperation.


For foreign students:


– information about courses and educational programs;

– conditions and procedure for admission.


Staff of the Department

Yaroslava Yuriivna Demian. Head of Department
Evelina Vasylivna Markova Specialist first category