Department of singing, conducting and musical and theoretical disciplines


Name Singing, conducting and musical and theoretical disciplines
Head of the Department Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Kachur M.M.
Address Mukachevo, Ya.A.Komenskoho Street, 59 ,301a
Telephone  +38 (03131) 3-93-43, +38 (03131) 2-22-09


The Department of singing, conducting and musical and theoretical disciplines of the Mukachevo State University was established in 2009 as providing in training of specialists at the “Bachelor”, “Master” and specialty “Musical art (by types: voice, conducting)”.

During 2009-2012, the department was headed by the candidate of art studies, associate professor Zadorozhnyi Igor Zenonovych. Since 2012 the leadership of the department is carried out by the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Kachur Myroslava Mykhailivna .

The activity of the collective of the Department of SDMTD is aimed at effective functioning in accordance with the leading educational and artistic tendencies, organization and improvement of ways to improve educational, educational and methodological, innovative and scientific, musical and performing, organizational and educational work, as well as providing the necessary conditions for functioning and modernization, development the content of professional training of future specialists in the field of musical art; improving the quality of teaching disciplines; formation of qualitative teaching staff, purposeful self-education of pedagogical personnel.

The teaching staff of the department successfully provides training for future teachers of musical art in the field of theory and history of music, methods of teaching art disciplines, vocal, conductor and choral performance.

Due to the “Art Meetings” project, students and teachers of the department carry out cultural and educational work, actively conduct educational and concert activities. The department has creative collectives, which are unaltered participants in creative reports, concert events taking place in Mukachevo State University and the city:

  • People’s Chamber Choir of Teachers (artistic director V.V. Karmanov);
  • The folk student choir “Tsimboryky” (artistic director Bilychko Ya.V., choirmaster Bilychko M.S., concertmaster Ekman M.S.)
  • Vocal ensemble “Brevis” (artistic director Bilychko Ya.V.);
  • Student vocal ensemble “Perfomans” (artistic director – student of MM-1m group Dordiak V.V.).

The activities of art groups are aimed at the disclosure of abilities and creative implementation of student youth, the popularization of musical art, the best examples of world and national musical culture.
Graduates of the department can work as musical conductors in the school, music teachers, concertmasters, head of microns and vocal ensembles, solo performers in the field of vocal and instrumental performances, organizers of cultural and artistic events, artistic conductors of creative groups, and teachers of musical disciplines in higher educational institutions. Also, they can continue their postgraduate studies; perform scientific work in the fields of art studies and musical pedagogy.

The artistic achievements of the students and teachers of the department are high:
Bodnar O.M. – 1st degree laureate (Academic singing nomination) and Ukrainian festival of competition of small forms and creative collectives of instrumental, vocal and choreographic art “Transcarpathian Spring” / April 2016
Masters Bodnar O. M., Poliak A.V. – Participants of the reporting concert of the best creative groups and individual performers of the city of Mukachevo – May 29, 2016
Kostrub S.K. – participant of the concert on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Mukachevo secondary school №3 named after F. Rakotsi II – 4.06.2016

Horvat V.V. – laureate of the II degree of the Ukrainian musical Olympiad “Voice of the Country” in the nomination “Academic vocals” (May 2016)
The male vocal ensemble of the Mukachevo State University (artistic director Bilychko Ya.V.) – laureate of the IX International Festival of Choirs’ Colleges of the University (Berehovo, 2017).
The folk student choir “Tsimboryky” of the Mukachevo State University (artistic director Bilychko Ya.V., choirmaster Bilychko M.S., concertmaster Ekman M.S.) is the laureate of the IX International Festival of Choirs’ Colleges of the University (Berehovo, 2017).

Recent highlights of the future teachers of musical art, their ability to be competitive on the labor market have been the recent achievements of teachers and students – Gold Medal in the category “Achievement in the Employment of Graduates of Higher Educational Institutions” (International Exhibition “Education and Career – Student’s Day” 2014 »).


The Department of singing, conducting and the musical and theoretical disciplines introduced an annual Ukrainian scientific and practical conference “Art Education in the European Socio and Cultural Space of the XXI Century”, which participants include scholars from leading pedagogical and art higher educational establishments.

Cooperation has been established with the scientific and research spiritual center of the east-west of them. Mykhailo Lyatka, the Theological Faculty of Trnava University (Košice, Slovakia), with the school boarding school in Kosice, with the Center for European Integration and Cross-Border Cooperation (Transcarpathian Region, Ukraine).

The Department has established cooperation with the National Academy of Cultural and Arts Leaders, the Aesthetic Education Laboratory of the Institute for Education Problems of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the Institute of Arts of NPU named after M.P. Drahomanov, Lviv National Musical Academy named after M.V. Lysenko, Transcarpathian Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic. In particular, joint scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables, as well as master classes, which promote professional interaction, exchange of pedagogical experience, are being projected and conducted.


Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty
01 Education 014 Secondary education (Musical art)
02 Culture and art 025 Musical art
Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty
02 Culture and art 025 Musical art


  1. Analysis of musical works
  2. Performing training for qualification: choral conducting
  3. Performing training for the qualification: solo singing
  4. Performing training: voice training
  5. Harmony
  6. Conductor and choral training: choral class
  7. Conductor and choral training: choral conducting (014)
  8. Conductor and choral training: fundamentals of conducting (025)
  9. History of foreign music
  10. History of Ukrainian music
  11. History of artistic styles
  12. Coursework on the technique of musical education
  13. Methodology of training according to qualification (choral conducting)
  14. Methodology of musical education
  15. Methodology of musical education in the preschool educational establishment
  16. Musical and theoretical training: the fundamentals of the theory of music
  17. Musical and theoretical training: solfeggio
  18. Musical and theoretical training: harmony
  19. Musical art with teaching methodology
  20. Fundamentals of musical improvisation
  21. Fundamentals of choreography with teaching methods
  22. Polyphony
  23. Voice training
  24. Workshop on performing artistic activity: choral class
  25. Workshop on qualification (choral conducting)
  26. Workshop on qualification (voice-setting)
  27. Workshop on school song repertoire
  28. Rhythm and choreography
  29. Solfeggio
  30. Special course: Folk literature
  31. Special course: Artistic regional studies
  32. Modern arts education technologies
  33. The theory and method of teaching in a higher educational institution of one of the courses on qualification (choral conducting)
  34. Theory and method of musical education
  35. Choral arrangement
  36. Choral conducting
  37. Choral class
  38. Art local studies
  39. Diploma Practice Postgraduate supervision 1 ПОс4
  40. Diploma Practice Postgraduate supervision 2 ПОс4


Photo Surname, name, patronymic Degree/title/ position Field(s) of scientific research*
Kachur Myroslava mykhailivna Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, head of the department Formation of professional competence of future teachers of musical art and artistic culture
Zadorozhnyi Ihor Zenonovych Candidate of Art Sciences, Associate Professor Sacred monody of the handwritten irmologions of the VII-XIX centuries: content, structure, regional traditions, features of the reception in the composer’s creativity
Dovhanych Liudmyla Ivanivna  Associate Professor Creativity of leading musicians in the context of development of national choral culture
Mykulanynets Lesia Mykhailivna Candidate of Art Sciences, Senior lecturer Biography of the artist as a means of interpreting culture
Sukhatska Lesia Mykhailivna Senior lecturer Specificity of the formation of the choral repertoire in the process of preparation of a teacher-musician
Tovtyn Natalia Ivanivna Senior lecturer, postgraduate of DDPU named after I.Franko Musicals of Transcarpathian archival institutions (source-study and archaeological research)
Chovrii Mariana Yaroslavivna Postgraduate of MDU Pedagogical practice as a means of professional training of students for music and education activity in the preschool educational establishment


Bilychko Mahdalyna Serhiivna Instructor Education of musical and aesthetic tastes of students in the process of vocal training
Karmanov Valerii Valeriiovych Instructor Artistic and educational potential of Ukrainian spiritual music
Korolenko Olena Oleksandrivna Instructor Creativity of Transcarpathian composers of the second half of the XX – beginning of the XXI century
Kochyeru Larysa Mykhailivna


Instructor Vocal training in the professional formation of the future teacher of musical art
Kutsyn Erika Karlivna Instructor,

postgraduate of MDU

Development of the vocal technique of future teachers-musicians in the class of voice setting
Bodnar Olisia Mykhailivna Instructor Vocal and pedagogical competence of the future teacher of musical art
Poliak Alina Volodymyrivna Instructor,

postgraduate of MDU

Preparation of future teachers of musical art for poliartistic education of students
Dudash Alla Mykhailivna Instructor Methodical principles of teaching solo singing of adolescents in art schools
Burman Konsuela Ivanivna Leading concertmaster

Ekman Myroslav Serhiiovych

Makarova Natalia Viktorivna Concertmaster
Tsapovska Liliia Stepanivna Concertmaster
Korolovych Nadia Petrivna Senior laboratory assistant
Scientific and pedagogical workers working part-time:
Volontyr Volodymyr Illich Honored Artist of Ukraine, member of NSK of Ukraine, Associate Professor
Kharkhalis Oksana Petrivna Honored Artist of Ukraine, soloist of Transcarpathia Regional Philharmonic Society, associate professor Introduction of vocal and pedagogical traditions of Ukrainian vocal pedagogy in the training of future teachers of singing
Telychko Viktor Fedorovych Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine, member of NSK of Ukraine, associate professor Professional music culture of Transcarpathia