Faculty of Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industry


Name Faculty of Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industry
Dean of the Faculty Luzhanska Tetiana Yuriivna ,Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor
Address  Mukachevo, Uzhhorodska Street 26, 1, MDU
Telephone (03131) 3-13-42
e-mail d_tgrs@mail.msu.edu.ua


      The Faculty of Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industry is an educational, scientific and cultural and educational structural unit of the Mukachevo State University, established in 2006 to implement educational, research, and cultural and educational tasks of the higher school of Ukraine.
The faculty provides training for specialists taking into account the proposals of future employers, innovative approaches to training, and modern requirements for the training of competent, professionally mobile professionals with creative abilities.
New approaches and methods of teaching at the faculty include: the possibility of widespread use of information and communication technologies of training, introduction of flexibility in the system of training specialists through the widespread use of knowledge at the passing of practice, mastering modern training technologies in accordance with the qualification requirements of industry workers, increasing the level of adaptation to new requirements the labor market. Practicing the involvement of students to work in training laboratories, where knowledge is realized in an integrated and synthetic form.

    For conducting classes students use faculty laboratories: “Laboratory of works, goods and services”, laboratory “Organization of restaurant services”, laboratory “Organization of hotel service”, “Laboratory of hotel technology”, laboratory “Equipment”, “Laboratory of Innovative Technologies in the sphere of hospitality “, specialized cabinets (room of tourism studies, methodical cabinet of excursion and museum business (Museum of applied art of Transcarpathia), cabinet of labor protection and safety equipment and others).

    Systematically with students there are training trips that allow learning new tourist routes. During the study tours, a significant thematic material was collected and summarized: video films “Best rural farms of Transcarpathia”, “Ecotourism of Transcarpathia”, photo tourists “Wooden Churches of Transcarpathia”, “Ethnotourism of Transcarpathia”, “Sanatorium and resort complexes of Transcarpathia”, “Mukachevo Palanok castle “,” Mukachevo “, CDs and posters on active recreation.

     Due attention is paid to the physical education of students and involvement of teachers and staff in sport. In addition to the obligatory classes envisaged by the curriculum, various extramural forms are widely used: classes in faculty sections, groups of general physical training, special groups, physical and recreation activities in the mode of the day, hiking, hiking outing.

The faculty maintains links with the Niredhaza State University (Hungary), the Academy of Physical Education and Sports of Hdansk (Poland), the Mateia Bela University of Banska Bystrytsa (Slovakia) on the development of frontier tourism and active tourism.


Field of knowledge Code and name of  specialty
Field of knowledge Code and name of  specialty


Surname,name,patronymic Degree/title/position
Luzhanska Tetiana Yuriivna Dean, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor
Dalekorii Olha Yevheniivna Leading specialist
Derkach Viktoria Yuriivna Specialist of the second category


  • Department of Tourism and Recreation
  • Department of Hotel and Catering Industry
  • Department of Social Disciplines
  • Department of Physical Education

Specialty: Hotel and Restaurant Business

Educational Program: Hotel and Restaurant Business

Hotel and Restaurant Business is a demand-of-time specialty, as hospitality industry keeps being one of the main elements of economy development. At regional level, it brings foreign investments, tourist flow and employment possibilities. Under these conditions, there increases role of a well skilled staff in the hotels and restaurants, who would possess cross-cultural competences.

Department of Hotel and Restaurant Business trains specialists by delivering disciplines aimed at forming the professional mindset and wide-range competences: Restaurant Organization; Restaurant Technologies; Standardization, Certification and Metrology; Hotel Organization, Hospitality Industry, Beverage Management, Hospitality Marketing, Beverage Technologies, Economy and Pricing in Hospitality Business etc.

The faculty motivates students to work in training laboratories (“Laboratory of projects, goods and services”, “Laboratory of hotel service technologies”, “Organization of restaurant service lab”, “Organization of hotel facilities lab”, “Equipment (Machinery) lab”, “Laboratory of hospitality innovative technologies”), where the knowledge is realized in the integrated-synthetic form.

Employment Possibilities:

  • hotels
  • camping sites
  • boatel facilities
  • sanatorium
  • resort establishments
  • boarding houses
  • health resorts
  • recreation resorts
  • different hospitality sites (camping, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.)

Contact info:

Phone: (03131) 3-13-42

Address: Mukachevo, 26 Uzhhorodska st.

е-mail: d_tgrs@mail.msu.edu.ua

website: www.msu.edu.ua