Information, library and archive business


Degree: Bachelor

Specialists’ training is carried out by the Department of Philological Disciplines.

XXI century – is the era of information society in which information plays crucial role. Specialists who know how to find and use necessary information will be in a huge demand in the labour market.  That is why specialty “Information, Library and Archive Business” will always be actual in society.

Students will have an opportunity to study the disciplines in professional training, including: Literary Editing; Ukrainian language; History of Ukrainian culture; Theory and Practice of Referent Activity; Ukrainian language by profession; World Cultures and Art; Introduction to Specialty; Book study; Library Science; Rhetorics; Archival study; The Story of Book; Sociology of Books and Reading; System Analysis of Information Processes; Foreign Language; Office Work; Fundamentals of Scientific Editing; Second Foreign Language; Patent Study; Intellectual Property; Informational Support of Advertising; Business Etiquette; Information – analytical Activity.

Graduates will have the opportunity to hold the following positions:

  • a consultant in state administration services;
  • document scientist;
  • librarian; bibliographer; library methodist;
  • custodian of funds;
  • specialist of the culture department
  • scientific employee at information, scientific-research institutions and museums;
  • secretary;
  • archivist;
  • information analyst of the enterprise (firm);
  • specialist in scientific service
  • technical information;
  • manager of information systems, agencies;
  • professional disciplines teacher in colleges of culture, higher educational institutions III-IV accreditation levels.

Employment prospects: libraries, authority offices, law enforcement agencies, mass media, scientific-research institutions, state institutions and departmental archives, consulting services.

Contact info: Mukachevo, 59 Komensky st., room 405

Phone:  (03131) 2-11- 09