Light Manufacturing (Footwear and Haberdashery Design)

Specialty: Light Manufacturing

Educational Program: Footwear and Haberdashery Design

Specialists’ training is carried out by the Department of Design, Garment Industry and Professional Education.

Prospects that open engineering specialty are vivid, and labour market shows a great demand for highly skilled technicians in Footwear and Haberdashery industries, which are the integral parts of Fashion.

We prepare Bachelor and Master Degree specialists in four field directions:

  • Footwear and Haberdashery Design
  • Leather Goods Computer Design
  • Leather Goods Expertise
  • Footwear and Haberdashery Technologies

Educational training is delivered by highly professional staff, literature support, methodological guides and manuals.

We teach software design programs:  Corel Graphics  Suite;  Adobe  Illustrator;  AutoCAD;  Adobe  Photoshop;  3D  Studio  Max3; Delcam Crispin Shoemaker, Rang; Ploscha; Gradir; Tatyana, Uklad,   Tryd.

Specialty Disciplines are aimed at forming professionally skilled worked: Leather Goods Technologies, Design Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Applied Anthropology and Biomechanics, Material Engineering, Quality Management, Computer Graphics and the Basics of Advertising Design, Leather Goods Expertise, Footwear Production Design, Methods of Production Control, etc.

To support creative and talented students, we have opened Faculty Groups:

  • Students’ Fashion House
  • The Design School
  • Trancarpathia Applied Art-Circle
  • Manufacturing Center

The produced items of students take part in local, national and international competitions and bring the first prizes.

Our graduates may be employed as:

  • designer
  • technologist
  • constructor
  • shoes designer
  • quality controller
  • designer of haberdashery
  • assortment specialist
  • specialist of production organization
  • production line operator
  • fashion industry expert
  • head of the manufacturing department


Phone: +38 (03131) 22100, +38 (03131) 22584


Address: Mukachevo, 5 Fedorova sq., 3d building MSU