Specialty: Management

Educational Program: Management

Effective manager  is the main employee at every enterprise, business structure, company who directs work of the personnel, and creates favorable conditions for success. Manager can hold the position of director, department head, ruler, supervisor at state units and official administrative departments.

Department of Management and Economic Processes’ Administration prepares Bachelors in Management for different economic activity, who are able to solve professional tasks, have the number of professional skills and competences.

Students have the opportunity to learn the most important disciplines by specialty: Management, State and Regional Administration, Enterprise Economy and Finance, Administration Management, Production Organization and Planning, Personnel Management, Anti-Crisis Management,  Innovations Management etc.

Management specialists can work and at state and private economy sectors of different ownership, start own business and hold the positions of:

  • heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • commercial director;
  • production director;
  • heads of financial, accounting, economic, legal, administrative subdivisions;
  • heads of marketing departments;
  • heads of production;
  • heads of commercial departments;
  • heads of educational departments and production training;
  • heads of functional units;
  • managers of small enterprises without management apparatus at industry and commercial servicing;
  • chiefs (other managers) and masters of production department (subdivisions) in the urban economy;
  • assistants to enterprise authorities, institutions and organizations;
  • specialists in the field of business efficiency and rationalization of production;
  • consultants on organization and management of p the company;
  • economic advisers.

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Address: Mukachevo, 26 Uzhorodska st.