Museology and Monument Study

Specialty: Museology and Monument Study

Degree: Bachelor

Specialists’ training is carried out by the Department of Social Disciplines

The world tendencies show there’s an increase of heritage consciousness in the society, and social role given to museums and  historical monuments is topical idea of national cultures around the world. This is especially acute in the western regions of Ukraine, and above all in Transcarpathia, where numerous monuments of history and culture are concentrated.

Our students are future highly skilled professionals who provide sightseeing excursions, work with collections of cultural heritage, are engaged in exposition and science-experimental work. They are young professionals who master a wide range of information technologies and use them to advertise and manage activity in the field of cultural politics.

Employment possibilities:

Specialists in museum field:

  • Exposition Designer
  • Museum teacher
  • Historian
  • museum scientist
  • Museum guides
  • Museum researcher
  • Expert of museum and exhibition collections
  • Custodian of exhibits
  • Custodian of funds

Specialists in the field of antique and collecting activity:

  • Expert of museum values
  • Expert-consultant on historical heritage items

Specialists in the field of management:

  • Museum manager (museum manager activity)
  • Manager of museum projects
  • Curator to Cultural-exhibition activity
  • Specialist in Economic Efficiency of museum establishments
  • Head of museum
  • Head of the museum department
  • Head of scientifically-research laboratory
  • Head of the research department
  • Head of the department (sector) of museum registration funds
  • Specialists of media information space
  • Curator to Cultural Media Projects
  • Information network manager of historical content

Specialists in the field of monument protective activity:

  • Research worker of monument protective agencies
  • Monument study professional
  • Manager for cultural heritage and tourism
  • Curator of museum projects

Specialists in the field of tourism activity:

  • Travel organizer (sightseeing)
  • An excursionist
  • Sightsman
  • Tourist Guide

Specialists in the field of education:

  • Organizer of museum and ethnographic activity at school
  • Teacher of museology, monument and cultural heritage study
  • Curator of Cultural-educational programs
  • Organizer
  • Lecturer

Contact info:

Phone: (03131) 240-20, (03131) 2-11-09, +380500705595

Address: Mukachevo, 26 Uzhhorodska st.