Department of Musical Education and Performing Art



Name  Department of Musical Education and Performing Art
Head of the Department Popovych Nataliia Mykhailivna – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor
Address Mukachevo, Ya.A.Komenskoho Street, 59 ,301a
Telephone  +38 (03131) 3-93-43, +38 (03131) 2-22-09



     With the purpose of professional training of music art specialists in 2003, a department of musical pedagogy was established, headed by Doctor of Art Studies, professor Cherepanyn M.V. During 2007 – 2011, the department was led by: Honored Artist of Ukraine, Associate Professor Turianyn F.V .; Candidate of Art Studies, Associate Professor Rosul T.I .; Honored Artist of Ukraine, Professor Podhornyi V.Ia .; Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Kachur M.M .; Doctor of Arts, Professor Yaremko N.O .; since 2014 – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Popovych N.M.


       Postgraduates of the day and extramural forms are trained at the department on the specialty 015 “Professional education” (according to specializations).In accordance with the scientific theme of the research, the research work of the teachers is organized on the basis of individual topics, the results of which are heard and discussed at the session of the department:

  • Popovych N.M. – investigates the content, structure, functional characteristics, technologies and effectiveness of the formation of professional and personal experience of teachers of musical art in the system of continuous pedagogical education;
    • Lendiel-Siarkevych A.A. – studies the relationship and interaction of scientific approaches to identify the problem of preparing future teachers of musical art for intercultural dialogue in a polyethnic region, problems of interpretation of piano works of Western European composers in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries;
    • Hasniuk V.V. – investigates the problem of formation of vocal and pedagogical mentality of future specialists in the field of musical art;
    • Rovzha B.S. – examines the main preconditions and factors that ensure a high level of concert performance by future teachers of musical art; the piano legacy of M. Lysenko and L. Revutskyi, the stylistic peculiarities of pedaling when playing the piano;
  • Dobosh S.Iu. – investigates the means and methods of intensifying the learning of violin music education;
    • Burkalo S.М. – investigates the innovative approaches in contemporary art education, peculiarities of the formation of professional competence of the future teacher-musician by means of instrumental performances, piano pedagogy F. Chopin;
    • Senyna O.A. – studies the development of musical thinking of students-bayanists;
    • Fizer V.S. – investigates the problem of formation of pedagogical artistry of the future teacher of music, features of the Polish romantic school, teaching methods for performing disciplines in higher educational institutions.
    • Shelepa Iu.Iu. – studies the methods of graphic analysis of piano musical works.

According to these fields, teachers publish monographs, studying manuals, articles in scientific journals.


Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty
02 Culture and art 025 Musical art
Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty
02 Culture and art 025 Musical art


  1. Accompaniment
  2. Assistant practice
  3. Performing training due to a qualification: a special musical instrument
  4. Performing training: basic musical instrument
  5. Carrying out of master’s work
  6. Additional musical instrument
  7. Concert and performing practice
  8. Methodology of musical education
  9. Art Pedagogy
  10. Music therapy
  11. Musical pedagogy
  12. Musical interpretation
  13. Fundamentals of performing and creative activity
  14. Fundamentals of musical improvisation
  15. Fundamentals of scientific and pedagogical research in the field of art education
  16. The main musical instrument
  17. Pedagogical practice
  18. Pedagogical practice (pre-diploma and methodical)
  19. Staging of children’s musical performances
  20. Workshop on performing and creative activity: orchestra class
  21. Workshop on qualification (play on instrument)
  22. Methods of training due to qualification
  23. Special methodology according to the types of musical art (play on the instrument)
  24. Scenario mastery
  25. The theory and methods of teaching in a higher educational institution of one of the courses due to qualification


Surname, name, patronymic Degree/title/position
Popovych Nataliia Mykhailivna Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department
Hasniuk Veronika Vasylivna Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Lendiel-Siarkevych Antonina Antoniivna  Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Burkalo Stepan Mykhailovych Senior lecturer
Dobosh Serhii Yuliiovych Senior lecturer
Fizer Viktoriia Semenivna Senior lecturer
Rovzha Beata Stepanivna Senior lecturer
Senyna Oleksandr Ambroziiovych Instructor
Puiova Valentyna Ivanivna Instructor
Musiiets Yevhenii Hryhorovych Instructor
Shelepa Yulii Yuliievych Instructor
Behun-Trachuk Larysa Oleksandrivna Instructor

SPECIALTY: MUSIC ART (Secondary Education)

Educational Degree: Bachelor/Master

Professional training of specialists in specialty “Music Art” in Mukachevo State University is carried out by the Department of Music Education and Performing Arts Pedagogy and the Department of Singing, Conducting and Musical Theory Disciplines.

The main goal is to provide a profound theoretical and practical training of future music teachers, development of their natural talent; interrelation between the educational process and the student’s creative activity as a form of professional skills’ development; mastering the national systems of musically-artistic education on the basis of world art-pedagogical schools practice; individual approach to everyone student and creating conditions for the disclosure of personal creative potential.

The list of training disciplines includes: Music Pedagogy, Methodology of Musical Education at School, Methodology of Musical education, Leading Musical Instrument, Additional Musical Instrument, History and Theory of Performing Art etc.

The obtained knowledge, skills and competences, will allow graduates of the specialty “Music Art” to work as:

  • teachers of musical art in general schools
  • musical guides in preschool educational institutions
  • music teachers at extracurricular educational institutions


Phone: +38 (03131) 3-93-43, +38 (03131) 2-22-09


Address: Mukachevo, 59 Y. Komensky st.