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The great economist must have a rare combination of talents … He/She must be – to a certain extent – a mathematician , historian, statesman and philosopher. He/She must reason with symbols and be proficient in the word. He must understand the share in the context of the general and be able to easily touch the abstract and the concrete with one thought. He must study information in the light of the past – for the sake of the future. Nothing in human nature and the institutions of society should avoid his/her attention. He/She must be both focused and facing the sky, like a true artist, but at the same time stand firmly on his feet and be practical as a politician.

John Keynes


The economist is the profession of our time. Economists are in demand wherever you need to plan and calculate, where you need to control expenditure of funds, analyze the results of the work and suggest ways to solve problem situations.



The role of the economist’s professionin modern realities is growing, he/she must foresee the significance of certain indicators in advance, see the dynamics of the development of an enterprise, an investment project, a region, a state, warn a manager against wrong actions. It is the economist’s profession allows the inside understanding what mechanisms work in the economic life of society, how they can be managed in order to achieve maximum results.

The basis of the professional activity of a modern economist is:

  • – skills to analyze trends and prospects for the development of the economic system at the level of territorial units, the region and the state as a whole;
  • – planning, calculating the efficiency and determining the feasibility of investment projects at all levels, justifying the directions for the development of the investment climate as a factor of economic development;
  • – planning material, labor and financial costs, rational use of all types of resources;
  • – determination of internal and external factors of influence on the economic results of production and sales of products, profitability, financial condition and solvency of the enterprise;
  • – improving the efficiency of the enterprise, given the analysis of its financial and economic activities, the development of measures to ensure the economy mode;
  • – justification which of the selected areas of activity is profitable, the project should be suspended or completely closed.


Training opportunities in the specialty 051 “Economics” at

Mukachevo State University

Today there is a question about the need for thorough training of specialists in the economic area, and not only for professional, but also teaching and research activities. That is why it was decided to open a new specialty 051 “Economics” in Mukachevo State University for all existing higher education levels in Ukraine:


Higher Education Level Training period List of Competitive Subjects
Junior bachelor – provides the formation of professional skills and competences in order to perform typical tasks foreseen for primary positions 2 years On the basis of complete general secondary education (the second subject is chosen by the applicants – one of the proposed ones)

1. Ukrainian language and literature

2. Mathematics / History of Ukraine

Bachelor – which provides a person with theoretical knowledge and practical skills sufficient for the successful performance of professional duties in the specialty 051 “Economics”. 4 years On the basis of complete general secondary education (the third subject is chosen by the applicants – one of the proposed)

1. Ukrainian language and literature

2. History of Ukraine

3. Foreign language / geography

Master’s degree is a second level of higher education, which provides students with not only professional skills and competencies, but also provides opportunities for teaching and research work. 1.5 years On the basis of the bachelor’s degree, according to the results of Independent External Evaluation in a foreign language and entrance test
A PhD is an educational and at the same time first scientific degree, obtained at the third level of higher education based on a master’s degree. 4 years On the basis of a Master’s degree, on the results of the entrance exam


Positions that a specialist in economics can take:

  • – the head of the enterprise or division;
  • – enterprise economist;
  • – commercial director;
  • – deputy director for economic affairs;
  • – advisor (in government);
  • – project and program manager (innovation, investment, social and political, educational, etc.);
  • – economic analyst;
  • – economist of the department of rationing and remuneration;
  • – economist pricing;
  • – budgeting economist;
  • – investment specialist;
  • – head of the financial and economic service;
  • – head of economic, financial and administrative units.


The main advantage of the specialty “Economics” is its relevance, since economists have always been and will be in demand. In addition, the graduate has the following advantages as:

  • – universality – you can find work in any area of business;
  • – high demand in the labor market;
  • – high wages;
  • – the ability to successfully start your own business with minimal cost, as economic knowledge will allow, in advance, to calculate all the risks and prospects.

List of core professional-oriented disciplines:

Theory of the market Innovative business models
Fundamentals of financial and economic calculations Economics of logistics
Resource support of the enterprise Competitiveness of business
Benefit and cost analysis Economic security of the enterprise
Justification of business decisions and risk assessment Risk diagnostics
Estimated cost of business Training course “Anti-crisis analysis”
Planning and control at the enterprise “Start-Up” Training Course
Formation of enterprise business model Training course “Creating Your Own Business”

We invite you to studyin the specialty “Economics”

to Mukachevo State University!

Good luck with your choice, dear applicants!