Postgraduate studies

Admission to Postgraduate studies
Mukachevo State University

Mukachevo State University announces admission to study for higher education for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (postgraduate studies) for full- time and part- time learning in 2019 according to the following specialties:

011 – Educational, Pedagogical sciences

015 – Professional education (by specialization)

051 – Economics

076 – Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock market activity

For postgraduate studies, for obtaining the degree of a Doctor of Philosophy on a competitive basis, persons who have obtained a Master’s degree (educational and qualification level of a Specialist) are admitted.

Training for postgraduate students at the University is carried out at the expense of:

  • the State Budget of Ukraine – funded by state;
  • legal entities and persons – on terms of the contract (more than funded by the state within the limits of the licensed volume).

The training of state funded applicants for higher education for the Degree of a Doctor of Philosophy is carried out exclusively in Postgraduate studies at full-time form of study.

Applicants for admission to a Ph.D. degree submit the following documents:

  • personal statement due to the set form addressed to the Rector;
  • personnel registration form with an autobiography and a photography ;
  • a list of published scientific works and inventions and their copies (if available);
  • copy and original of the diploma of a Specialist or Master with an appendix (or a notarized copy);
  • certificates for persons who have completed, in whole or partly, the candidate’s minimum exams (if available);
  • six color photos in the size of 3×4 cm;
  • copy of the passport;
  • a copy of the taxpayer identification number .
  • research proposal on the chosen specialty;
  • recommendation of the Academic Council of the higher educational institution (if available);
  • international certificate of foreign language В2 (if available).

For more information, see “Applicant / Doctor of Philosophy!”

Experimental proposal pattern

Information is available at tel. 2-11-09 (Department of Postgraduate studies),
on the site (section “Science / Postgraduate studies”)