Pre-school education


Name Department of  Theory and Methodology of Preschool Education
Head of the Department Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Cherepania Nataliia Ivanivna
Address Mukachevo, Ya.Komenskoho Street 59, 4
Telephone (03131) 3-93-43


    The Department of Theory and Methodology of Preschool Education is one of the leading in training of the future specialists for preschool educational institutions.
The teaching staff of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Preschool Education of theory and methods of preschool education has nine teachers. Among them are 2 Candidates, Associate Professors (N.I. Cherepania, V.V. Ivanova); 2 Candidates, senior lecturers (O.I. Chekan, Kh.V. Barna); 5 senior lectureres (N.M. Rusyn, K.V. Mykhailova, A.K. Mykulina, O.M. Popovych, O.M. Kasianenko).

    Among the main areas of scientific work of the department are the problems of professional and pedagogical preparation of the future nursery teacher of a preschool institution, the education of a creative person in the system of preschool education, the adaptation of a specialist to market relations, the implementation of the flexibility of training, rapid response to changes in social processes, the formation of professional competence of students in preschool specialty in accordance with European standards, development of their creativity, pedagogical skills.

    Due to the high scientific and methodical skills of the teaching staff, the educational process is carried out taking into account the possibilities of modern information and communication technologies of education and is oriented towards the formation of an innovative personality with a deeply conscious civil and social position, a system of scientific knowledge being capable of professional mobility and rapid adaptation to change and development in the social and cultural sphere, in management systems, organization of labor in a market economy.

    At the specialty “Preschool Education” students get theoretical and practical training obtaining the qualification of a bachelor of preschool education, “Nursery teacher of preschool children”.
Preparation of pedagogical staff due to the Bachelor’s degree in the field of study 6.010101 “Preschool Education” is carried out on the basis of full secondary education and on the basis of the qualification level “Junior Specialist”.

    In addition to the basic specialty, students have the opportunity to obtain additional specialization: “Speech therapist in preschool educational institutions”, “Organizer of physical education in preschool educational institutions”.

   The bachelor is trained to work in preschool educational institutions of various types and profiles: in a kindergarten, in a nursery school, in a training and educational complex “kindergarten – elementary school”.
The bachelor of preschool education can hold the following positions:
• nursery teacher of groups of young children;
• nursery teacher in preschool groups.

   A person who has received additional qualifications in accordance with a particular specialization may hold the following positions:
• nursery teacher-instructor of physical education and health work;
• speech therapist in the preschool educational establishment.
In the process of training, graduates acquire skills and work with children of preschool age, teach classes, entertainments, educational work with children throughout the day in various activities, organize and conduct individual and collective forms of work with parents.


According to the field of concern of the Department of the Theory and Methodology of Preschool Education, the theme of the department’s research has been determined “The problem of transformation of training of preschool education personnel in the context of Ukraine’s accession to the European educational area”.
Thus, scientific research and methodological work is directed in accordance with the following directions:

  • change of methodological approaches to the content of higher education: knowledge and competency paradigms;
    • credit and module system of organization of educational process in higher educational institution;
    • modern transformation of traditional models of university education.
    • orientation to the updated content, forms of organization of training students;
    • introduction of advanced pedagogical and informational technologies into the system of higher education;
    • psychological and pedagogical assistance in the professional adaptation and personal and professional growth of young teachers of the department;
    • organization of research and experimental work;
    • participation in psychological and pedagogical monitoring within the framework of the pedagogical faculty;
    • responsibility for conducting scientific and practical conferences, methodological and methodological seminars, pedagogical readings, professional competitions for the purpose of development and dissemination of psychological and pedagogical, democratic and humanistic ideas in the educational field of Transcarpathia

    The Department of Theory and Methodology of Preschool Education carries out relevant work to involve students in research work of various forms, in particular, holds olympiads and student scientific conferences.

     The teaching staff of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Preschool Education closely cooperates with the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Uzhhgorod National University, the Department of Pedagogy of the Kherson State University, the Department of Preschool Education and Primary Education of the South Ukrainian Regional Institute for the Improvement of Pedagogical Personnel; Institute of Pedagogy of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Pedagogical Education and Adult Education. Namely, joint scientific and methodological conferences, seminars, round tables are planned to be hold; joint outgoing meetings are also held; exchange of pedagogical experience takes place too, etc.

    According to the theme of the research, the research work of the teachers is organized in accordance with individual topics, the results of which are heard and discussed at the meeting of the department:

Readiness of children to study at school as a basis for ensuring continuity of studies in preschool and primary schools published work N.I. Cherepania
Pedagogical assistance to the formation of the image I am a child of preschool age in the educational process published work V.V. Ivanova
Preparation of the future specialists of preschool education for innovative activity in a modern preschool institution. published work Kh.V. Barna
Methodology of using computer technologies in the system “Kindergarten-Primary School” published work O.I. Chekan
Formation of professional mastery of the future educators in the process of organization of educational work in the preschool educational establishments published work N.M. Rusyn
Actual problems of professional training of schoolchildren in the preschool educational establishments in modern conditions of educational environment published work K.V. Mykhailova
Improvement of artistic and aesthetic personality development by means of fine arts published work A.K. Mykulina
Formation of the readiness of the future educators to work with preschool children under inclusive conditions published work O.M. Kasianenko


Preparation of the future educators for the organization of constructive activity of preschool children published work O.M. Popovych


Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty
 01 Education 012 Preschool education
Field of knowledge                   Code and name of specialty
 01 Education 012 Preschool education


  1. History of Ukraine
  2. Physical education
  3. Foreign language.
  4. General psychology
  5. History of Ukrainian culture.
  6. Ukrainian language for professional purpose
  7. Theory and methods of musical education
  8. Philosophy
  9. Fundamentals of medical knowledge
  10. Fundamentals of ecology
  11. Age physiology and valeology
  12. Safety management (SM, Health fundamentals)
  13. Fundamentals of Information Technology
  14. Pediatrics
  15. Ethnopsychology
  16. Technical means of training
  17. New information technologies
  18. General pedagogy
  19. Introduction to specialty
  20. Fundamentals of natural science with the methodology
  21. Preschool linguodidactics
  22. The theory and methods of physical education and valeological education
  23. Preschool pedagogy
  24. Children’s literature
  25. Culture of speech and expressive reading
  26. Fundamentals of Fine Arts with methodology
  27. Fundamentals of scientific pedagogical research
  28. Pedagogical mastery (pedagogical creativity)
  29. Theory and methods of cooperation with families
  30. Theory and methods of musical education
  31. Theory and methods of formation of elementary mathematical representations
  32. Psychology of children
  33. Computer technologies in working with children
  34. Psychology of children’s creativity
  35. Pedagogical psychology
  36. Fundamentals of inclusive education
  37. Methodology of conducting studies on ethnography in the preschool educational institution
  38. Innovative pedagogical technologies in preschool education
  39. History of preschool pedagogy
  40. Education and training of preschool children in different age groups
  41. Methodology of teaching Ukrainian in the preschool educational institution
    with languages ​​of national minorities
  42. Music
  43. Theoretical fundamentals of speech therapy
  44. Method of familiarizing children with the environment at the preschool educational institution
  45. Decorative art with teaching methodology
  46. Methodology of organization of artistic and speech activity
  47. Methods of teaching sports activities, formation of moving activity of children of preschool age
  48. Organization of playing activities in the preschool educational institution
  49. Organization and management of the preschool educational institution
  50. Teaching workshop on preschool pedagogy
  51. Methodology of guidance on the logic and mathematical development of children
  52. Social pedagogy
  53. Social and pedagogical fundamentals of management of preschool education
  54. Socialization of preschool children
  55. The theory and methods of teaching sports games and exercises in the preschool educational institution
  56. Rhythm and choreography



Surname, name, patronymic Degree/title/position
Cherepania N.I. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department
Barna Kh.V. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior lecturer
Voloshyn N.P. Senior lecturer
Ivanova V.V. Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor
Kasianenko O.M. Senior lecturer
Mykulina A.K. Senior lecturer
Mykhailova K.V. Senior lecturer
Popovych O.M. Senior lecturer
Rusyn N.M. Senior lecturer
Chekan O. I. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior lecturer
Rozumniak K. Ye. Senior assistant