Primary education


Educational program: primary school teacher.

Educational Degree: Bachelor/Master

Department of Theory and Methodology of Primary Education of Mukachevo State University carries out training of competitive, highly educated, culture-aware, harmoniously developed primary school specialists on the basis of competence approach.

Educational process is accomplished in accordance with the requirements of the Laws of Ukraine “On Education”, “On Higher Education “, the National Doctrine of Education Development in Ukraine, State Program” Teacher “, Pedagogical Concepts in education, the main regulative standards of European integration in education. Educational training is delivered by experienced scientific pedagogical staff (Doctors of Pedagogy, Ph.D. holders, masters of pedagogy),  who are supervisors to professional and scientific development of students.

Future teachers have possibility to study Didactics, Theory and methodology of education”, teaching methods for elementary school subjects (“Language and Literature”, “Mathematics”, “Natural science”, “Social science”, “Art”, “Technology”, “Health and physical culture”), “Pedagogical technologies of teaching”,” Fundamentals of inclusive pedagogy “and others subjects of  psychological and pedagogical direction.

Apart from theory, students have possibility to practice their pedagogical skills by holding school classes: “The first days of a child at school”, “Trial lessons in primary school”, “Out-of-school educational activities”, “Pedagogical practice in summer health-improving camps”, “Pre-diploma practice “, etc. The system of pedagogical practice is aimed at forming practical skills and professional competences that will help in future work.

University students have opportunity to carry out scientific researches and present them at conferences, seminars, Academic Olympics.

Graduates of the higher educational institution of the specialty “Primary education” can be employed both in general educational and out-of-school educational institutions as:

  • Primary school teachers
  • Extracurricular activity teacher at primary school
  • Organizer of primary school activity
  • assistant teacher in groups with inclusive education.

The graduates in specialty have the possibility to apply for Double Diploma Program, which functions under international treaties of Mukachevo State University with higher educational institutions of Poland, and enables practicing and studying abroad.


Educational degree «Master»
Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty
01 Education 012 Preschool education
01 Education 013 Primary education
01 Education 011 Educational, pedagogical sciences (management of educational institutions)
Educational degree  «Doctor of Philosophy»
Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty
01 Education  011 Educational, pedagogical sciences
01 Education

015 Professional education (by specialization)


  1. Actual problems of didactics and the theory of upbringing
  2. Actual problems of preschool pedagogy
  3. Actual problems of pedagogy
  4. Actual problems of pedagogical psychology
  5. Actual problems of mental development of children
  6. Actual problems of modern preschool education
  7. Algebraic and geometric propedeutics in the course of primary school mathematics
  8. Education of gifted children of preschool age.
  9. Diagnostics of physical development of children of preschool age
  10. Preschool education in modern foreign concepts
  11. Professional education didactics.
  12. Ecological upbringing of children of preschool age
  13. Ethnography of childhood
  14. Inspection of preschool educational institutions
  15. Local studies and tourism work
  16. Management of higher education
  17. Management of education
  18. Methods of teaching the disciplines of the lingual and didactic cycle
  19. Methods of teaching disciplines of logical and mathematical development of children of preschool age
  20. Methods of teaching disciplines of fine art and development of artistic creativity of children
  21. Methods of teaching the disciplines of the health and valeological cycle
  22. Methods of teaching disciplines of the natural studies cycle
  23. Methods of teaching preschool pedagogy in HEI
  24. Methods of teaching didactics in high school
  25. Method of teaching the theory of upbringing in high school
  26. Methods with technologies of teaching Ukrainian language and literary reading in primary school
  27. Methodology and methods of organization of scientific and pedagogical research
  28. Organization of methodical work in preschool education
  29. Organization of educational and upbringing work in preschool institutions
  30. Fundamentals of scientific pedagogical research
  31. Fundamentals of pedagogy
  32. Fundamentals of pedagogical research
  33. Pedagogical innovation in preschool education
  34. Pedagogy
  35. Pedagogical ethics
  36. General pedagogy
  37. Pedagogy of high school
  38. Pedagogical technologies in primary school
  39. Development of the acmeological culture of the preschool teacher in the educational area
  40. Development of the region’s education (on the example of Transcarpathia)
  41. Social pedagogy
  42. Special course: History of the development of preschool education in Ukraine
  43. Organization of educational work with children of preschool age with limited psycho-physical abilities
  44. Special course: Organization of pedagogical interaction of children of preschool age with different social groups.
  45. Modern trends in the development of pedagogical education
  46. Technologies of studying educational fields in primary school
  47. Technologies of studying subjects in the field of “Man and the world”
  48. Technologies of studying educational fields “Natural science”, “Sociology”
  49. Organization in the system of primary education with practicum


Surname, name, patronymic Degree / title / position
Kobal Vasyl Ivanovych Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department
Atroshchenko Tetiana Oleksandrivna Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Dobosh Olena Mykhailivna Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Kartashova Liubov Andriivna Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor
Pynzenyk Olena Mafteivna Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Fentsyk Oksana Mykolaivna Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Fizeshi Oktaviia Yosypivna Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Shvardak Marianna Vasylivna Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Shcherban Hanna Vikentiivna Senior Lecturer


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Address: Mukachevo, 59 Y. Komensky st.