Professional Education. Design.

Specialty: 015 Professional Education.

Educational Program: Design.

Educational Degree: Bachelor/Master

Specialists’ training is carried out by the Department of Design, Garment Industry and Professional Education. 

Designer is a person who cares and creates the esthetic world representation, changes the surrounding environment. Design is applied at production and non-production levels in modern society. Its main purpose is to make world better, more comfortable and positive place to work and live.

The integration processes create a demand for specialists who would master the pedagogical, engineering and production-oriented skills. Our graduates will receive the professional education of high training level and get qualification of engineer-pedagogue.

During university training, students will study disciplines by profession: Art History, Drawing and Plastic Anatomy, Painting and Fundamentals of Coloring, Applied Graphics, Architectonics and Layout, Web-page Design, Applied Image Study etc.

Apart from core disciplines, students will learn the fundamentals of computer design, modern technologies of complex design, computer graphics, which will help to bring the most sophisticated ideas into life.

Artistic work of department staff and students is presented at different national competitions and exhibitions abroad. Our numerous graduates have realized carrier goals and become popular and well-known designers in Ukraine. 

Employment field ranges from fashion to advertisement design spheres in offices and agencies.

Our graduates can hold the positions of:

  • designer of industrial products
  • web-designer
  • teacher of disciplines by specialty
  • education master at production
  • methodologist to Professional Training Center
  • methodologist at out-of-school institution
  • Art teacher
  • Stylist of clothes
  • artist-designer
  • engineer
  • designer
  • specialist for production assortment
  • project-designer
  • fashion specialist
  • artistic designer


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Address: Mukachevo, 5 Fedorova sq., 3d building MSU