Professional Education Garment Industry.

Specialty: 015 Professional Education.

Educational Program: Garment Industry.

Educational Degree: Bachelor/Master

Specialists’ training is carried out by the Department of Design, Garment Industry and Professional Education.

The integration processes create a demand for specialists who would master the pedagogical, engineering and production-oriented skills. Our graduates will receive the professional education of high training level and get qualification of engineer-pedagogue.

Knowledge that our specialist obtain will allow them to work at all-levels enterprises, create modern clothing design, and be a competitive professionals at labor market both as instructors and manufacturers.

During university training, students will study disciplines by profession:  Creative Teaching Technologies, Fundamentals of Garment Production, Design Fundamentals, Fabrics Study, Garment Equipment, Labour Psychology, Fundamentals of Engineering Pedagogy, Patterns and Embroidery Basics etc.

Employment possibilities:

  • educational institutions
  • fashion enterprises of different types
  • management of fashion production

Our graduates can hold the positions of:

  • teacher of general technical disciplines
  • teacher of disciplines by specialty
  • education master at production
  • laboratory assistant
  • senior laboratory assistant
  • methodologist to Professional Training Center
  • methodologist at out-of-school institution
  • Head of Study Circles
  • teacher of profile classes at lyceums
  • teacher of vocational school
  • technologist
  • engineer-technologist
  • Technology Chief Officer
  • clothing confectioner
  • engineer-designer
  • Chief Engineer
  • specialist of production organization
  • the operator of clothes’ line
  • manager


Phone: +38 (03131) 22100, +38 (03131) 22584


Address: Mukachevo, 5 Fedorova sq., 3d building MSU