Specialty: Psychology

Educational Degree: Bachelor/Master

Profession of Psychologist belongs to those topicality of which increases in regard of the world complexity, intensity of life and acceleration of scientific and technological progress. Today, when social processes become more dynamic, there exist problematic in relations between people, in collectives and in families. The lack of communication creates demand in psychological knowledge, and possibility of its apply. Every individual needs a support of psychologist to solve personal problems.

Specialists’ training is carried out by the Department of Psychology.

The profession of Psychologist is a specific activity, which requires, besides knowledge, certain personal qualities and outlook. Therefore, along with the theoretical knowledge and professional skills which are fundamental for every profession, students receive a complex comprehensive psychology-pedagogic training approach, that creates conditions for personal development in the process of professional development.

Studying of specialty “Psychology» will learn mathematical methods for processing the results of psychological research with the help of computer software, in particular Microsoft Excel and SPSS Statistics.

The specialty specifics suggest number of disciplines which are important for future professional psychologists’ training, in particular: Gender Psychology, Demography, Differential Psychology, General Psychology with Workshop, Economic Psychology, Experimental Psychology, History of Psychology, Methods of Psychology Teaching, Methods of Training, Methods of Practical Psychologist work, Methodological and Theoretical Issues of Psychology, Methodology of Psychological research, Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology, Fundamentals of Medical Study and Health, Fundamentals of Pathopsychology, Fundamentals of Psychogenetics, Basics of Psychocorrection, Basics of Psychosemantics, Basics of psychological Consulting, Pedagogical Psychology, Consumers Behaviour.

Graduates of this specialty are in demand in labor market of Ukraine and abroad. High level of professional training provides professional and career development and a wide range of employment opportunities.

The employment possibilities include work in:

  • social organizations (asylums, orphanages, boarding houses for the elderly, invalids, children’s centers of creativity and leisure, out-of-school establishments);
  • educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, universities);
  • institutions of personnel selection (employment agencies and career centers);
  • medical institutions (hospitals, polyclinics, counseling centers, rehabilitation centers);
  • psychotherapeutic, psychological advisory services;
  • enterprises and firms of different ownership;
  • law enforcement agencies (courts, children support centers, colonies and prisons, prosecutor’s office, department of internal affairs);
  • trust lines;
  • work in the Ministry of Emergencies, rescue services, military organizations etc.


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