Secondary Education (English Language and Foreign Literature)

Specialty: Secondary Education (English Language and Foreign Literature)

Training program: Education

Educational Degree: Bachelor/Master

Specialists’ training is carried out by the Department of English Philology and Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching.

Educational objectives suggest professional training to future English Language teachers by delivering teaching of normative philological and psychological disciplines of pedagogical direction, which include: Practice of Oral and Written Speech, Practical Phonetics, Practical Grammar, Latin Language, Introduction to Specialty with Pedagogical Practice (educational), Area Studies, Fundamentals of Pedagogical Mastery, Second Foreign Language (German), Business English, Introduction to Germanic Linguistics, Theoretical Grammar, Theoretical Phonetics, Methods of English Language Teaching, History of English Literature, Topical problems of English Philology, Lexicology, Stylistics,  Education of English-speaking Countries, Modern English-speaking World: Socio-cultural Aspect, Modern Technologies of English Language teaching in Primary School, Terminology of Main Foreign Language, Theory and Practice of Translation etc.

An important feature of training the graduates is different types of practice: educational practice in summer health and language camps; pedagogical (educational) practice; pedagogical practice in primary school; educational (pedagogical) practice in primary school; practice in foreign literature; pre-diploma practice.

The obtained knowledge will allow graduates of specialty “Secondary education (English Language and Foreign Literature)” to work as teachers of English and foreign literature in educational institutions of different types:

  • general schools of primary, secondary and higher education;
  • gymnasiums;
  • lyceums;
  • colleges;
  • technical colleges;
  • linguistic schools;
  • child development centers;
  • boarding schools;
  • orphanages;
  • rehabilitation centers;
  • schools with advanced foreign language study;
  • preschool and out-of-school children establishments.

Specialists in other branches of socio-political, business sphere:

  • call-centers;
  • hotels;
  • excursion bureau.

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